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J.R.R. Tolkien

Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Tolkien, as popular as he is, is too often misunderstood. His works and world are wrongly interpreted and crazy assumptions are made about the man himself. Worst is when people use The Lord of the Rings to make a point that Tolkien himself would have disagreed with. For instance, after Obama was elected one political commentator happily declared, The shadows are lifting from Mordor — being apparently completely unaware that Tolkien was politically against big government and that Obamas moral worldview is about as far from Tolkiens as it is possible to get, so that if anything Tolkien would have considered the night over Mordor to be blacker than ever. If everyone who wanted to say something about Tolkien read his letters first, they would do the man and his works far better justice. Of particular interest in this book are the many moving references to Tolkiens deep Catholic Faith, particularly the long letter to one of his sons on the subject of marriage and the relationships between men and women.