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Prophecy of Zephyrus G.A. Hesse

Prophecy of Zephyrus

G.A. Hesse

Published November 1st 2009
ISBN : 9780982469309
420 pages
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 About the Book 

Had I read this book when I was in junior high, I probably would have loved it. Instead, I just kept noticing the stilted dialogue, the sudden and drastic mood swings of the characters, and the blatant, distracting over-describing of just about everything. The majority of the story was told rather than shown, which prevented any forward momentum from really getting off the ground.Obie was an interesting, if not stereotypical, character. His mood swings were distracting and normally unnecessary. Every other character seemed to burst into tears at the drop of a hat and conflict between characters came out of nowhere rather than building organically.There were some interesting qualities to the story, particularly in the black magic army made up on muks and raks. The magic shrinking Vale of Nepenthe was a trope well used. For a book that focused mostly on running after something, the pacing was pretty good after the major part of the plot began, though the ending was a little overlong, what with all of the reveals being quite obvious from early on in the story.The dialogue really got to me at times that I had to stop reading before I got overly annoyed and gave up. It rarely sounds natural if spoken out loud and every character seemed to be the type of person that has no internal filter, saying anything and everything that comes to mind.Despite having some interesting ideas, overall this book was not good. While Ive definitely read worse and more stereotypical fantasy fiction, I wont be recommending this to anyone.