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Going Through the Press A. Messenger

Going Through the Press

A. Messenger

Published April 28th 2004
ISBN : 9781413722901
212 pages
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 About the Book 

Going Through the Press is a testimony of a young woman who suffers because of her flesh but is also renewed to serve God. The main character, Lisa, is a free-spirited female grounded in the ways of the world. Her journey takes place while she is a senior in college. She is excited about graduating to the next chapter of her life but decides to explore her purpose. Though she values the aspects of the life she has known, she begins to seek a relationship with God. Unfortunately, when God doesnt come to her aid and miraculously eliminate the problems that cross her path, she runs back to her friends and her worldly ways. As she transpires through her final year she gets caught in a whirlwind of sin that sweeps her off her feet and lands her in a heap of trouble. See what happens to Lisa as she finally develops the faith to trust in God.